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THE JOURNEY BY DSECTION: Your New Biannual Guide to Luxury Travel

As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of April 2024, we delighted to unveil the culmination of a project that has lingered in the recesses of our minds, a vision that now materializes into reality with palpable excitement—the launch of “The Journey by DSECTION.” This supplement, a companion to our esteemed magazine, is an ode to the realm of luxury travel, a concept we have nurtured and cherished for quite some time.

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Bvlgari Hotel Paris: an address that leaves a lasting impression for a lifetime.

In the heart of the City of Light, a new chapter in the history of Bulgari hotels has been written with the opening of the Bulgari Hotel Paris. The hotel, located in the chic 8th arrondissement, marks Bulgari’s fifth hotel and its first in France. The opening of the Parisian hotel represents a milestone for the brand, as it cements Bulgari’s position as one of the world’s leading luxury hospitality brands. A Parisian Dream Come True: A Personal Journey at Bulgari Hotel Paris.

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Savoring Ibiza: A Guide to the Best Dining Spots on the Island

Nestled amidst the azure waters of the Mediterranean, Ibiza is not just a paradisiacal haven for sun-seekers and music enthusiasts; it also boasts a thriving culinary scene that tantalizes the senses and delights the palate. In this gastronomic odyssey, we embark on a journey through Ibiza’s top dining destinations, where the harmonious blend of local flavors, international influences, and breathtaking views converge to create a symphony of taste unlike any other.

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