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Sounds of Belgium: Pierre de Maere’s Rise to Recognition

In the ever-evolving realm of music, Pierre de Maere stands out as a remarkable talent emerging from the heart of Belgium. Born on May 24, 2001, in Uccle, Brussels-Capital, this young artist has been making waves that reverberate far beyond his homeland. Pierre’s breakthrough came with the release of his single “Un jour, je marierai un ange,” a track that quickly ascended to the top 5 of the Ultratop 50 Singles chart in the French-speaking region.

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Conan Gray’s seasonal reflections on music, fame, and the art of authenticity, in exclusive cover editorial for Dsection

Gray is fully grown, and has traded in the twee sensibilities of his younger years for something spikier, more worn in. The California-born, Texas-raised Gray is an artist whose work is almost painfully aware of its coming of age, the agonies and the ecstasies, even the in-betweens. In exclusive for Dsection

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Ruel, in a special AMI, for dsection “beyond vol 2”

Ruel, with his dry-as-dust sense of humour and wide, easy smile, is the perfect picture of quintessential Australian chill. Grounded and laidback, he’s a man who lives in the moment yet his refusal to plan his life or set goals is neither instilled by his Sydney upbringing nor an adherence to a ‘que sera sera’ school of thinking. Rather, it’s become merely a pointless exercise.

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